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Persia. Thousand and One Marvellous Instants

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Babylon, Ruins

Cyrus "the Great". 559 BC


I assumed the imperial title of King

of Babylon, the most famous city in ancient Mesopotamia
and also one of the best known in history, since it was, repeatedly, mentioned in the Bible. During the Persian reign, Babylon flourished as a centre of art and education, eventually becoming the capital of the empire. One of the most important works of art in human history was the Tower of Babel, built on the land of Shinar in the city of Babylon.
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The Hebrews narrated that the story of this building, represented an attempt to explain the existence of different human languages; the Babylonians wanted to find a name for themselves, building both a city and a majestic tower, known as "the top in the sky". God interrupted the work, creating confusion between the languages of the workers,

so that they could no longer understand each other; the city was never completed and the people scattered across the earth. Many and varied stories are attributed to the kingship and mysticism of the city, which witnessed the first developments of civilisation in the world. One day, Babylon would become the capital of the kingdom,

under the Amorite Dynasty, coming to be of considerable importance both politically and aesthetically, and thus became a target for conquerors looking for prosperous lands to settle in.
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Babylon, Ruins

Cyrus "the Great". 559 BC

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Shahrbanu, 651 AD

Rey, Tomb of Bibi Shahr Banu

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