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Baltic Sea. Crystal Glimpses of a Fairytale

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Bergen, Harbour

Ludvig Holberg. 1750


I have devoted my whole life to study.

I am a historian, a philosopher and a playwright.
I was born right here, in Bergen, during the period of dual monarchism between Denmark and Norway. I have always been attracted by the magical beauty of my birthplace: the colourful little houses, the gables on the roofs, the characteristic of each building and the mountains surrounding the city have always
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given Bergen a truly magical touch. It is precisely the fact that Bergen is surrounded by mountains that has also led to it being called 'the city in the seven mountains'. This was the name I gave to the mountain range. I had always been inspired by the seven hills of Rome. So I decided that my home town

should be blessed with a similar appellation. It was also said that these mountains were inhabited by creatures that terrified the inhabitants. These were called trolls. According to what those who claimed to have seen them said, the trolls were really dangerous to people... Apparently, they lived among isolated rocks, on mountains and in caves,

in small family units. They were described as being very old, very strong, but slow and dull. Legend had it that they hid in the mountains and turned to stone when they came into contact with sunlight.
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Bergen, Harbour

Ludvig Holberg. 1750

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Vytautas "the Great". 1428

Trakai, Castle

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