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Loire. The Land of Castles

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Brissac-Quincé, Château

Louis XIII. 1630


René de Cossé,

who was the first lord of Brissac, decided to buy this château in 1502.
The impressive size of this majestic building, which was the tallest in France, earned it the name 'giant of the Loire Valley'. It had seven floors and two hundred and four rooms, which made it perfect for accommodating visitors. Its luxurious interior was rich in paintings, sculptures and gilded ornaments,
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as well as a floor dedicated solely to happy family memories, such as portraits and photographs. The façade features different styles, including medieval towers and Renaissance residences. It was during the Renaissance period that the reconciliation took place between myself, Louis XIII and my mother Maria De' Medici,

whom I had perfidiously ousted from my government. One of the rooms preserves the memory of this historic encounter. Legend has it that the ghost of Charlotte, Jacques de Brèzé's faithless wife, who was killed by him after discovering his betrayal, still haunts the rooms... History and mystery will accompany you on your visit to the castle.

The heirs of René de Cossé, to whom the castle belonged, made great efforts to respect and pass on the family tradition of legendary hospitality. His banquets and entertaining ceremonies were well known and appreciated. After the sad period of the Revolution in the 19th century, the castle would regain its former lustre with the construction of a fantastic private theatre.
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Brissac-Quincé, Château

Louis XIII. 1630

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Jacques-Donatien Le Ray de Chaumont. 1755

Chaumont-sur-Loire, Château

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