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Polynesia. The Hidden Paradise

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Hawaii, Coasts

Kamehameha "The Great". 1758


It was in December 1778,

when a bright and shining star, called "Kokoiki".
No one knew what it was, but it was certain that, as that ray of light passed over the Earth, I was born. When the Kokoiki star was seen by the Kahuna, who were the Hawaiian mystics, they made the prophecy that a great leader was about to be born who would defeat all rivals and rule all the islands. After a love affair of his mother with Kahekili,
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the supreme chief, and King of Maui, I was therefore called po'olua, which means "son of two fathers", a great honour for Hawaiian rulers at that time. When the news of my birth spread, Supreme Chief Alapai, was terrified by the prophecy and ordered my death.

While Alapai's men waited outside the birthing room, my mother's servants took me away immediately, minutes after my birth. I was taken to the mountains, where the cold and rain made me sick: I stopped breathing. Some locals revived me and I remained hidden for years from the warrior clans, who saw me as a potential threat.

I took the name Kamehameha, which means "The Loner" or "He who stands alone".
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Hawaii, Coasts

Kamehameha "The Great". 1758

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