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Polynesia. The Hidden Paradise

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Honolulu, Waikiki Beach

Amelia Earhart. 1934


We arrived in Honolulu harbour

on the 27th of December 1934,
along with my husband George Palmer Putnam and other pilot friends and their wives. We had reporters and cameramen in tow. They all wanted to know if my arrival there in an aeroplane was related to a planned trip from Hawaii to the mainland. Although I made no comment on this,
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I did say that the plane would only be used for our holidays, moving from island to island, but an aerial adventure from Hawaii to California was already on my mind. After leaving the reporters disappointed with my answers, my companions and I headed for Waikiki Beach;

we decided to camp near Queen's Surf Beach, where we found a young couple who had been there for days, enjoying the beach and the wonders of the island. I had time to plan my trip to California, telling George all about it, but he suggested that I just relax and enjoy the holiday. He was right! Waikiki was a very popular destination for tourists from the mainland;

in fact, the area was overflowing with big hotels and branded shops. Surfing was becoming a fashionable sport, so the island was full of colourful boards and people jumping into the water to ride the waves.
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Honolulu, Waikiki Beach

Amelia Earhart. 1934

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James Cook. 1778

Kealakekua, Bay

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