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Persia. Thousand and One Marvellous Instants

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Kerman, Arg-e Rayen Palace

Yazdgard III. 648 AD


Built in the province of Kerman,

on the mountain Hezar, stood the majestic castle
of Arg-e Rayen. It was part of the royal Sassanid Empire, the last Persian imperial dynasty before the arrival of Islam in the mid 7th century. After our founder, King Ardashir the Unifier, defeated the previous monarch, he established the Sassanid dynasty and decided to restore the legacy of the Achaemenid Empire by expanding the domains of Persia;
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therefore, many fortresses and castles were erected in order to protect our people and expand our rule over these lands. Arg-e Rayen Castle was built at that time and its imposing walls made it strong and impenetrable. Because it was located on the trade route between east and west, it was a popular place for both merchants and caravans,

as well as an important textile centre for trade with foreign lands, especially Egypt. Its grandeur was usually much appreciated by travellers who stopped in the region, who lavished compliments on it, saying they had never seen such a remarkable castle. Another characteristic of the castle was that it housed many workshops dedicated to metalwork;

the best swords and blades in the kingdom were forged here for our valiant warriors. Despite being the last king of the dynasty, the Sassanid empire brought years of prosperity and power.
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Kerman, Arg-e Rayen Palace

Yazdgard III. 648 AD

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