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Baltic Sea. Crystal Glimpses of a Fairytale

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Kuressaare, Castle

Wilhelm Neumann. 1904


Saarenmaa is the largest island

in the Baltic Sea. Long ago, it was believed that this island
was the "Ultima Thule", a place far beyond the boundaries of the known world, whose peace was often disturbed by pirates, called "Vikings of the East", who came to these lands to destroy and take possession of everything they saw... For this reason, in the 14th century, this sumptuous building was built to protect the island. It was Kuressaare Castle,
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a simple building with some sections made of wood. In the northern corner, a defensive tower was built, with men guarding it day and night. Over the years, the fortress changed hands between kingdoms. Denmark took over for a while, then came the Swedes, who took it over after defeating the Danish kingdom. Finally,

the Russians took it over and annexed it to the Russian Empire after the Great Northern War. The castle stood the test of time, until this year, when I decided to renovate it myself; it was wonderful for me to stand there and observe so many years of history! I must admit that it is a genuine and profound honour to render such a service to this fortress.

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Kuressaare, Castle

Wilhelm Neumann. 1904

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Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald. 1866

Tallinn, Toompea Castle

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