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Polynesia. The Hidden Paradise

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Maui, Coasts

King Pi'ilani. 1557


Along Maui's east coast

lies the peaceful town of Hana,
considered one of Hawaii's last untouched frontiers. To reach Hana, one must immerse oneself in nature, passing through flowering rainforests, silver waterfalls, pools of water, and face sensational seascapes. The story of Hana started in 1550, when I was the king and chief of West Maui.
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Some time later, I decided to marry the daughter of the ruler of Hoolae; this represented the unification of West and East Maui. This period was characterised by peace and prosperity, I felt part of my people, I was loved and respected. My greatest satisfaction during these years was the completion

of many important "public works"; it took years to complete the hard work of building the fish pond, irrigating the fields, and finishing a four to six foot wide paved path that would circumnavigate the entire island. This route, called the 'King's Path', traversed a large eastern part of the Hana region, located on the extreme eastern tip of Maui Island.

The complexity of this route, which connected Maui's villages and their chiefs, led to the island becoming the most important of the Hawaiian Islands group. So powerful, that the control and conquest of the Hana district became the main aim of Kamehameha "the Great", and even of Kahekili, the King of Maui.
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Maui, Coasts

King Pi'ilani. 1557

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Kamehameha "The Great". 1758

Hawaii, Coasts

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