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Baltic Sea. Crystal Glimpses of a Fairytale

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Narva, Hermann Castle

King Valdemar IV of Denmark. 1347


Long ago, in this century,

there was a town called Narva. It was located in the northern lands.
I am talking about a land of prime importance, since it was of great importance to Peter I, since it was the place where the Russian Empire was defeated by the Swedes. They fought over the lands surrounding the Baltic, as the whole Empire wanted the largest portion of land; they all wanted to extend their kingdoms.
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Because of the territorial conflicts and battles involving all the empires surrounding the Baltic Sea, the Danes decided to build a strong and massive construction along the Narva River. This waterway is connected to the Baltic Sea and was a strategic point for going out to the Baltic

in order to embark on a foreign land conquest. At the same time, it was a hidden place, which would have surprised anyone who decided to arrive secretly to take Narva. The Danes spent day and night building a strong stone fortress for border defence purposes. At first,

it was a small castle-like structure with towers on the sides, but gradually it became a large and sturdy building in which every citizen could find shelter in case war broke out.
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Narva, Hermann Castle

King Valdemar IV of Denmark. 1347

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