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Polynesia. The Hidden Paradise

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New Zealand, Queen Charlotte Sound

Tobias Furneaux. 1773


I was the captain of the HSM Adventure,

the vessel that accompanied James Cook on his second voyage
of exploration in the Pacific Ocean. We were planning to explore the Australis lands when we first stopped at Tahiti; I lost Cook in a terrible storm. I went in another direction and explored much of the south and east coasts of Van Diemen's Land, now Tasmania. The voyage continued; in the distance,
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we could distinguish the green hills that formed the upper part of the island. We landed there, in Queen Charlotte Sound, on the eastern side of New Zealand, a beautiful land surrounded by mountains and crystal clear waters. There was no sign of Cook, so we decided to explore the island.

One morning, some of my men decided to go ashore to collect wild vegetables for the crew, while I decided to go somewhere else. I got lost in the wilderness, enjoying the view of vast acres of land, while searching for food along the way. I ordered my men back by noon,

but there was no sign of them at night. The next morning, we set out to search for the missing crew. We headed for Grass Cove, where we found a small camp near a bonfire. Astonishment and doubt assailed me at the same time, not knowing whether we were facing hostile men or not.
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New Zealand, Queen Charlotte Sound

Tobias Furneaux. 1773

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