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Persia. Thousand and One Marvellous Instants

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Rey, Tomb of Bibi Shahr Banu

Shahrbanu, 651 AD


I was the daughter

of Yazdgerd Sassani III, the last Sassanid emperor of Persia.
The rise of the Muslims at that time coincided with an unusual political, social, economic and military weakness in Persia. The Sassanid Empire had exhausted its human and material resources after decades of wars against the Byzantine Empire, which led to the fall of the Sassanid Empire and the conquest of Persia by the Muslims in 651.
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I was the wife of Husayn ibn Ali, grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who was fighting at the head of the army in the battle of Karbala; I was always at his side, I went with him to Karbala, trying to stay as close as possible to him. The battle began; the warriors were fighting each other, swinging their swords and shouting.

It happened in a second: I lost sight of him. I was about to be captured by the enemy, so I tried to escape, running towards the mountains of Rey, but I was found on the slopes of the mountain and the enemy threatened to kill me. With my last strength, knowing that there was no way out, I raised my arms to the sky and asked for God's help.

The gigantic mountain miraculously opened up and gave me refuge. That mountain would one day become my sacred sanctuary.
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Rey, Tomb of Bibi Shahr Banu

Shahrbanu, 651 AD

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Firdusi. 1010 AD

Takht-e-Soleyman, Temple of Azar Goshnasb

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