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Loire. The Land of Castles

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Rigny-Ussé, Château

Charles Perrault. 1698


On the side of a hill, in the Loire valley,

and with a breathtaking view of the forest of Chinon,
stood a stronghold of wood and stone which, in time, became the astonishing Château de Ussé. Jean V de Bueil, a strong supporter of Joan of Arc was the first to make changes that transformed the appearance of the old fortress into a more stylistic building, closer to the appearance of a castle.
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Many changes were made until in the 17th century the structure became an enchanting residence where the most romantic celebrations took place. The French gardens surrounding the spectacular structure, the terraces looking out over the breathtaking forest, gave the place an absolutely and incredibly magical touch!

I used to be a regular guest in this fantastic castle. In my time, I was a famous writer of fairy tales and the castle of Ussé, where I spent part of my time, became a source of inspiration for some of my writings; one of these was the Sleeping Beauty, the story of a princess who had been forced to sleep, due to a curse, for a hundred years.

The castle's great towers and gardens inspired me to create the setting for the story.
Mercato di Rialto_04.png
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Rigny-Ussé, Château

Charles Perrault. 1698

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François I. 1530

Azay-le-Rideau, Château

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