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Loire. The Land of Castles

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Saint-Georges-sur-Loire, Château de Serrant

Napoleon Bonaparte. 1790


In 1749, the Walshs,

Irish Jacobites exiled in France,
in order to prove their loyalty to the Stuart monarchs, decided to buy this magnificent chateau in the heart of the Loire Valley, to the west of Angers, with its outward appearance reminiscent of fairytale castles. The Walshs, who had always been lovers of beauty, redecorated the interiors, built English-style parks, pavilions and even a monumental gate
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complete with the family coat of arms, but, above all, they used to hold fashionable parties, famous for their pomp and elegance throughout France, inviting members of the royal family, such as Marie-Christine of Austria, sister of Marie Antoinette, and, of course, I, Napoleon Bonaparte, the most desired and eagerly awaited guest!

In the castle, my wife and I always had a private bedroom, prepared with extreme care in every detail, for us and servants at our disposal. Josephine loved being a guest of the Walshs, walking through the magnificent gardens. Sitting around the lake, spending hours in the wonderful library, rich, with no less than twelve thousand volumes,

in which there was an embarrassment of riches of books to read, which you can still admire today. Unfortunately, due to my hectic life, as I am sure you can imagine, I was only able to enjoy these benefits on a few occasions. The memory of the few moments spent at Serrant Castle are still full of nostalgia and joyful moments, which helped to distract me from other worries!
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Saint-Georges-sur-Loire, Château de Serrant

Napoleon Bonaparte. 1790

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Jean de Goulaine. 1180

Haute-Goulaine, Château

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