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Baltic Sea. Crystal Glimpses of a Fairytale

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Savonlinna, Olavinlinna Castle

Erik Axelsson Tott. 1480


Some time ago,

construction of Olavinlinna Castle began.
It was built to protect the kingdom of Denmark and Sweden, whose borders were constantly under attack by enemies. In an attempt to support Vyborg Castle, a century-old fortress on the Russian border, it was decided to build another building, strong enough to give the kingdom greater defence.
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We had built the first fortress in the territory, capable of withstanding artillery attacks. There were many attacks from those peoples who tried to take over the castle; however, thanks to its foundations and impenetrable walls, this has never happened, at least until now... This is a fortress that, in a very short time,

has proved to be the best of all the defence structures in Northern Europe that have been built in recent centuries. That's something to be proud of. Of course, it has only been completed a few years, but its defence system shows great promise.

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Savonlinna, Olavinlinna Castle

Erik Axelsson Tott. 1480

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Charles IX of Sweden. 1603

Gamla Uppsala, Church

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