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Polynesia. The Hidden Paradise

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Tahiti, Coasts

Amelia Earhart. 1937


Everything was ready for our arrival

on Howland Island, a land situated between Hawaii and Australia.
We were already in the air, soaring through the skies towards Polynesia, a sub-region of Oceania, made up of more than thousands of islands, scattered across the central South Pacific. From our plane, the Electra, we could appreciate the diverse landscape that this part of the world offered.
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A waterfall stood out as we flew over Tahiti; wild vegetation, waterfalls, narrow and long sandy paths were all part of the landscape, which we could appreciate everywhere we looked. I was really excited, as this trip was one of the last I would make in my attempt to circumnavigate the globe. My travelling companion, Fred Noonan,

and I had talked the whole way to Howland Island about what wonders we might find there; perhaps a group of natives who would welcome us and invite us to join their tribe... or maybe just a deserted island overlooking the ocean. Fred and I were ready for anything. We made multiple plans to be able to deal with any difficulties that might arise.

Sure, the trip was exciting, but we could never be sure of what was going to happen to us.
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Tahiti, Coasts

Amelia Earhart. 1937

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Jacob Roggeveen. 1721

Easter Island, Lands of the Island

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