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Baltic Sea. Crystal Glimpses of a Fairytale

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Trondheim, Nidaros Cathedral

Olaf Tryggvason. 988 AD


I am Astrid's son and great-grandson

of Harald Fairhair. Since the latter was the first true king of Norway,
I have earned the right to the throne as his successor, but the moment my cousin began to claim the throne at any cost, my life was put in danger... My mother and I fled from Norway; she thought I would only be safe from her brother Sigurd, a successful man and aide to Duke Valdermar, of Novgorod, Russia.
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While we were crossing the Baltic Sea, we were attacked by the Estonian Vikings, who snatched me from my mother's arms... I was able, some time later, to rejoin Sigurd on Russian soil, where I led a noble life. During that time I developed a definite predisposition to become a Viking.

As soon as I heard that the Norwegians were tired of Jarl Haakon's tyrannical rule, I decided to return to my homeland and take over my grandfather's role. I succeeded and was proclaimed King of Norway, but my mandate will not last long... One day I will die in an ambush, maybe in a battle in the Baltic, but not before I have christianised Norway!

You'll see... Olaf II will surely succeed me. Someone will have to build a cathedral in his honour, in some centre, like in Trondheim...
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Trondheim, Nidaros Cathedral

Olaf Tryggvason. 988 AD

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Saint Olaf. 1015

Urnes, Church

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