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Baltic Sea. Crystal Glimpses of a Fairytale

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Urnes, Church

Saint Olaf. 1015


Belief in God and religion,

it was the doctrine that united the kingdom...
and I became king of Norway. We won the battle against evil and imposed the worship of the Almighty. Churches in Norway were erected in order to create a place where people could profess their religion and devote themselves to God. One of these churches is the church in Urnes.
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We started shaping it just a short time ago, at the beginning of this century. Its construction was inspired by the rest of the European churches, with cylindrical columns and semicircular arches on the inside. The decoration of the columns and the exterior of the church represent the transformation of our culture: a before and after adoption of Christianity.

We Vikings decorate our churches with wood carvings, which we make ourselves. The main figures represent mainly animals, especially lions and dragon heads, which, for us, are symbols of greatness and power. These churches will bear witness to our battles, won and lost,

fought to bring peace to our kingdom. Thus, in the heart of the mystical and hidden mountains of Norway, they represent our link between the mortal and the divine, and proof of the uniqueness of the Viking style, which will live forever...
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Urnes, Church

Saint Olaf. 1015

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Ludvig Holberg. 1750

Bergen, Harbour

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